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CEPS is the leading research center in Portugal specializing in the fields of ethics and political philosophy.


The CEPS hosts several academic events in political philosophy and ethics with an international scope. These include the Braga Meetings on Ethics and Political Philosophy, the Summer School in Political Philosophy and Public Policy, the CEPS Seminars, and the PhD Seminars.


The research activities of CEPS cover diverse topics including distributive justice, human rights, immigration and tolerance, unconditional basic income and property-owning democracy, democracy and the public interest, political rhetoric and populism, anarchism, civic virtues, human enhancement, applied ethics (including nudge theory, food justice) and philosophy of technology (including ethics of AI), the  ethics of war, and various issues in the history of moral and political philosophy.


CEPS’s researchers actively contribute to teaching and supervision in two graduate programs coordinated by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Minho: the MA in Political Philosophy and the PhD Program in Philosophy.

Upcoming Events


14th Braga Meetings on Ethics and Political Philosophy

14th Summer School on the Ethics of War


Ethics, Politics & Society, Vol. 6 N.º 2 (2023)

The latest issue of EP&S has just come out, with articles by Harald Borgebund & Matt Matravers, Tyra Lennie, Bastian Klug and Joana Pinto.

Jorge D. M. Mateus in Observador

Article: “O admirável e inquietante mundo novo das interfaces cérebro-máquina”

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